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Alcohol And Pregnancy

Drinking During The Maternity Period

Effects to an unborn baby when the mother is using alcohol can be tragic.

The excessive use of alcohol by a pregnant mother can cause severe health problems for the baby, who could follow him or her well into adulthood. The child who is still developing within the womb of the mother does not have a liver which functions adequately to process the alcohol in the manner of an adult liver. Many children that are born with disabilities are as a result of their mothers using alcohol when they were pregnant. Some doctors say there is a tolerable amount that the mother can ingest while pregnant while others advise abstinence from it. Rather than put the health of the baby at risk pregnant mothers should be looking forward to avoiding alcohol during pregnancy.

Any alcohol consumed by the pregnant mother during the pregnancy enters the bloodstream and is capable of reaching the baby.

These would have been very possible except the fact that some of these expectant mothers are already addicted to alcohol. Women who are addicted and pregnant should be looking forward to getting assistance immediately.

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What Is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Babies that are born with atypical facial features generally grows up to have mood, attention and anger disorders and could be suffering from foetal alcohol syndrome. However, getting to know how the use of alcohol by the mother affected the child is very hard since the effects tend to vary.

Health issues directly attributed to foetal alcohol exposure are referred to as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Some cases of FASD are severe while some are not.

A number of FASD signs are as follows:

  • Microcephaly
  • Defects in the spine and heart
  • Shorter in height than the average
  • B.M.I being so low than normal
  • Low intelligence
  • Poor eyesight and low hearing range
  • Attitude issues
  • Slow growth
  • Underdevelopment of the bones and other body organs

Alcohol Dependency In Pregnant Mothers

Intake of alcohol while pregnant, notwithstanding the amount is considered by many medical practitioners as alcohol abuse . If a pregnant woman indulges in alcohol abuse, the child can suffer from a terrible FAS situation.

When the content of alcohol in the blood is 0.08 percent or more, it is a sign of binge drinking, which occurs when too much alcohol, approximately 4 drinks, is consumed in just a couple of hours. A baby is likely to suffer a long term health deformity if too much alcohol is taken during maternity period.

It has been determined by the UK Centres For Disease Control and Prevention that nearly one in 10 women who are pregnant consumes alcohol and one in 50 binge drink.

The Statistics Of Pregnant Women Drinking

Help must be sought immediately if an expectant mother has an alcohol problem. The topics of addiction and pregnancy are both delicate. Careful intervention is the call of the hour in case of alcohol addiction in pregnant women.

Please seek immediate assistance if you or someone you know is battling addiction while being pregnant. Our specialists can help you find the right treatment, so contact them now on 0800 246 1509.